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WARNING: The focus of Six Sigma is to remove variation within an operation or a process. If your process is not stable and has had the waste removed, then Six Sigma will have a diminished return on the investment of time and manpower. 


Have you been-there-done-that with simulations that pay more attention to building the product than explaining the application of tools to the process?  Have you left a simulation feeling like you had a fun time but wondered about what you learned? 
WE have developed a simulation that helps you understand how, when, why and where to apply the Lean Sigma tools within the process and system.

Our Lean Sigma Integration Simulation will teach you how to implement the tools necessary to create flow and reduce variation in the service, administration, or manufacturing environment. 
WE will take you through eleven modules that will systematically introduce the Lean Sigma tools one-at-a-time. 
WE will apply a couple of different tools to each module to show you their impact on the process and compare it back to previous modules for purposes of measuring improvements. By module eleven 
WE will integrate all the concepts and tools taught in the previous modules to show you the power of Lean Sigma synergy.