SIMULATION – Lean Sigma Integration Simulation – Complete Kit


Our Lean Sigma Integration Simulation will teach you how to implement the tools necessary to create flow and reduce variation in the service, administration, or manufacturing environment. WE will take you through eleven modules that will systematically introduce the Lean Sigma tools one-at-a-time. WE will apply a couple of different tools to each module to show you their impact on the process and compare it back to previous modules for purposes of measuring improvements. By module eleven WE will integrate all the concepts and tools taught in the previous modules to show you the power of Lean Sigma synergy.




Lean Sigma Integration is all about Reliability, Sustainability, & Repeatability.


SIMULATION – Batch Sizes and Process Layout

These modules deal with layout, batch sizes, constraints, and overtime.  What kind of layout do you currently have?  (Focused or functional). How much movement do you have between operations and/or departments?

SIMULATION – Bottlenecks and Supplier Control

These modules deal with bottlenecks and suppliers. By trying to improve the system we may have created bottlenecks in the system.

Can we identify any bottlenecks in our processes? How are our bottlenecks impacting our inventory and costs?

SIMULATION – Information and Material Movement

This module deals with material movement.  How do you currently move material between operations and/or departments? How much inventory do you have between operations?

SIMULATION – Reduction of Variation and Higher Yield Potential

This module deals with the reduction of variation.  What do you currently know about the variation within your system? How do you currently measure variation? What variation reduction steps have you taken?

SIMULATION – Inventory Control and Lead Time Reduction

These modules deal with the reduction of inventory, which directly impacts lead time.  What inventory levels are you holding? What are your lead times?  Since inventory and lead times are connected how will you reduce inventory without hurting your processes?

SIMULATION – How & When to Integrate the Lean Sigma Tool Set

This module deals with a recap and summary of the previous modules.  In this module, you will see multiple strategies converge to form an effective process. From watching all the modules, you can see how we improve our system with a profound impact on our ability to process product.



All Eleven Modules – MP4 Videos

Simulation Exercise Details

PDF Presentation for Each Topic Covered

Participant Tracking Handout

Simulation Understanding of All Eleven Modules

Facilitator Guide

Lean Sigma Integration is all about Reliability, Sustainability, & Repeatability.