SIMULATION – How & When to Integrate the Lean Sigma Tool Set


In this module, you will see multiple strategies converge to form an effective process. From watching all the modules, you can see how we improve our system with a profound impact on our ability to process product. Lean Sigma Integration is all about Reliability, Sustainability, & Repeatability.



Simulation Understandings: Module 11-Pulling it all together

This module deals with a recap and summary of the previous modules.  In this module, you will see multiple strategies converge to form an effective process. The following questions should help you understand the simulation overall, please take some time to discuss them and note your answers.

  1. Do you use batch sizes and if so, what are they?
  2. Do you have constraints in your system and if so, what are they and can they be removed?
  3. Do you have a focused process layout or is it functional?
  4. Do you have bottlenecks in your system? If so, how have you identified them?
  5. How do you handle your suppliers?
  6. Do you utilize committed suppliers? If so, what are you doing to help them produce a better product for you?
  7. Do you utilize multiple shipments during the day?
  8. Have you reduced the variation within your process? If so, how do you know that it has improved?
  9. Do you know how much inventory you have on hand and where it is located?
  10. Do you know what your lead times are?
  11. Do you know how much overtime you are using that is excessive?
  12. Do you have a linkage between product out the door and inventory?
  13. Do you have a detailed plan for improving all these factors?
  14. How will you implement this plan?

By completing the above questions, you should have gotten a clearer picture of your processes and how they are impacted by the different strategies you employ in processing.  If you went through all the questions you should understand how your processes are working and how to improve them. Thank you.



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