“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we had when we created the problem.”

— Albert Einstein

As organizations make decisions due to the New Normal , they have unlimited opportunities to manifest their New Visions of Excellence.

Nothing dims strategic light faster than poor planning and execution in critical business processes and in the view of your customers. Most organizations get lost in the forest of change and miss opportunities to capitalize on new paths.  WE help you see other paths that could help you get to your goal of profitability quicker and easier. 

Wyrick Enterprises is a leading provider of Lean & Six Sigma® Integration methodologies. Through  Wyrick Enterprises, our clients achieve extraordinary bottom-line results.

Integration of Lean Sigma tools is the most effective way to remain focused on making your clients successful with practical, logical skills sets.

This ground-breaking process is the most effective way to attain swift, striking perfection across manufacturing and service operations.

Lean & Six Sigma® combines Lean principles and Six Sigma tools and processes into a single, coordinated initiative. This eliminates the guesswork about when and how to use these tools; not to mention saving months out of the time it usually takes to implement them. 

As an added value, Lean & Six Sigma® Integration will identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to sustainability. Thus, priceless data for the stakeholders. 

It is all about Reliability, Sustainability, & Repeatability.

Wyrick Enterprises Seven S System®

Shortens Lead Times
implifies Documentation
mooth’s Out Value Streams
tandardizes SOP’s
tabilizes Processes
ecures Return-On-Investment
ystematically Measures Progress



Our Partnership Program Creates Synergy as WE  Align the Voices of your Enterprise to Improve Effectiveness and Ensure Efficiencies. Implementing a Total Solution Approach to Breakthrough Performance with Sustainable Results!

Our One-Stop-Shopping-Center  Methodology allows you to use our Expertise and Practitioners on an AS-NEEDED-BASIS  without the traditional overhead costs.

There are 222 TOOLS available to use during your Lean Sigma Journey. The question is: “ Which ones do you use?” 

The Answer is, The Voice of the Process dictates tool selection.


Voice of the Enterprise – ANALYSIS

Voice of Vision – PURPOSE

Voice of Leadership – COMMITMENT

Voice of the Journey – MAPPING

Voice of Strategy – PLANNING

Voice of Tactics – DEPLOYMENT

Voice of Direction – MEASUREMENTS

Voice of the Customer – DEMAND

Voice of the Value Stream – FLOW 

Voice of Experience – BENCHMARKING

Voice of the Employee – EMPOWERMENT

Voice of Continuous Improvement – METHODOLOGIES

Voice of the Process – CAPABILITY

Voice of Quality – REPEATABILITY

Voice of the LSS Tool-Set – PRACTITIONERS

Voice of the Supply Chain – PARTNERSHIPS 


While others rely on volumes of fad-management, Wyrick Enterprises  remains focused on making our clients successful in streamlining and realizing their Vision of Operational Excellence.


WE believe passionately in the power of Lean Six Sigma Synergy!