If you Hear Voices – Good for you!

There are 222 TOOLS available to use during your Lean Sigma Journey. The question is: “Which ones do you use?”

The Paradigm Shift Question

“If you improve one process in the value stream,
can up-stream processes support
it and can down-stream processes keep up with it?”


Voice of the Enterprise – ANALYSIS

Voice of Vision – PURPOSE

Voice of Leadership – COMMITMENT

Voice of the Journey – MAPPING

Voice of Strategy – PLANNING

Voice of Tactics – DEPLOYMENT

Voice of Direction – MEASUREMENTS

Voice of the Customer – DEMAND

Voice of the Value Stream – FLOW

Voice of Experience – BENCHMARKING

Voice of the Employee – EMPOWERMENT

Voice of Continuous Improvement – METHODOLOGIES

Voice of the Process – CAPABILITY

Voice of Quality – REPEATABILITY

Voice of the LSS Tool-Set – PRACTITIONERS

Voice of the Supply Chain – PARTNERSHIPS

System Efficiencies Involve The Entire Enterprise.