Understandings: Module 7

This module deals with the reduction of variation. From watching the module you can see that how we improve our system can have a profound impact on our ability to process products. The following questions should help you understand your process movement, please take some time to discuss them and note your answers.

  • What do you currently know about the variation within your system?
  • How do you currently measure variation?
  • Do you utilize SPC charts in any form? If so what are they telling you about your process?
  • Are there some areas that are more stable than others?
  • Are you measuring defects during the process or at the end of the process (inspections)?
  • Do you know if your processes are capable, or not? If so, how do you know?
  • What variation reduction steps have you taken?
  • What variation reduction steps do you need to take?
  • Do you have a variation reduction plan?
  • Do you have dashboards that publish standards for variation and where the process stands at that time?

By completing the above questions you should have gotten a clearer picture of your processes and how they are impacted by the different strategies you employ in processing. If you went through all the questions you should have an understanding of how your processes are working and how to improve them.

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What industries can benefit from this simulation?

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Anyone, at any level within your organization, that is committed to continuous improvement and wants to make a difference.

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