“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Alice in Wonderland

As organizations make decisions due to the New Normal, they have unlimited opportunities to manifest their New Visions of Excellence.

Nothing dims strategic light faster than poor planning and execution in critical business processes and in the view of your customers. Most organizations get lost in the forest of change and miss opportunities to capitalize on new paths.

Cost, Schedule, Quality, Profit, and Growth are major concerns in any business. Wyrick Enterprises has been guiding organizations for over three decades.  Our emphasis has been on streamlining standard operating procedures, shortening lead times, stabilizing processes, reducing cost, and increasing revenues. In other words, our experience engulfs the proper utilization of all the tools of Lean and Six Sigma.

Whatever the industry, speed is critical to your business: beating your competition to the market, effectively processing new orders, providing quality products/services, and delivering on time while operating at maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

Wyrick Enterprises Specializes in Integrating the Lean and Six Sigma toolsets. WE help you see other paths that could help you get to your goal of profitability quicker and easier. Thus, making your Continuous Improvement Programs, Reliable, Sustainable & Repeatable.

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we had when we created the problem.” Albert Einstein