Breakthrough Performance with Sustainable Results

Business Improvement Campaigns provide the structure, tools, training, and support you need to implement Lean Sigma successfully.

Our approach:

  • Drives prioritization of the right projects,
  • Ensures that all improvement projects are integrated, and
  • Provides just-in-time training and coaching in relevant methodologies.


Assessments can be conducted at various levels for your organization:

  • Enterprise-Wide includes customers, suppliers, and internal operations.
  • System analysis looks at your product/service delivery systems.
  • Departmental would be conducted at the functional level.
  • Process analysis would assess any given process including transactional activities.
  • The procedural level assesses your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • Employee surveys could include written questionnaires or focus groups.
  • Supply chain evaluation would assess process capabilities, quality issues, scheduling, and on-time delivery.


Wyrick Enterprises always follows its rigorous and proven path for the implementation of a Lean System. The plan is always developed with the client to ensure there is never any misalignment of objectives. Regular reviews of the plan prevent drift and maintain the focus of the teams to ensure that the expected Future State is always achieved.


Successful implementation of process improvement is enabled by skillful practitioners who facilitate the introduction of the concepts and the tools well. The Voice of the Process will set project agendas and our team will pull the appropriate improvement tools from the toolbox to achieve success.


Structured reviews with senior leadership to review progress, action plans and countermeasures. This step is critical to successful implementation and tracking Return-on-Investment.

The change process should not be underestimated as it will touch each corner of your organization, from the finance department right through to the shipping area. All areas must become fully aligned if a true changeover to a Lean Enterprise is to be achieved.


To clarify and focus our thinking, we regularly step back from the work we are performing and reflect on the implications of it. This allows us to discuss with the client in regular progress reviews and surface issues that need to be addressed.


The purpose of our consulting services is to partner with you to build the organization you desire while providing a ROI (Return-On-Investment) throughout the engagement. WE believe that the sooner WE get started the faster YOU can get moving. WE are committed to training YOU to facilitate your own initiatives in the most effective and efficient way possible. WE want to work ourselves out of business.

Our goal is to assess your current situation, identify your future desired state, analyze the gap, determine key performance indicators, and build a roadmap which includes a roll-out plan. All process improvement activities will be charted, scheduled, implemented, and tracked for review.

We use many assessments in combination to provide our clients with a comprehensive roadmap to meeting their objectives. The assessments are not ends in themselves but are tools designed to help our clients achieve success.

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