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About us

What is Wyrick Enterprises?

Wyrick Enterprises specializes in integrating the Lean and Six Sigma toolsets. Brad Wyrick will show you how to make your continuous improvement programs, reliable, sustainable & repeatable.

Learn how, when, why, and where to apply the Lean Sigma tools within your processes and systems.

Cost, schedule, quality, profit, and growth are major concerns in any business. Wyrick Enterprises has been guiding organizations for over three decades. Our emphasis has been on streamlining standard operating procedures, shortening lead times, stabilizing processes, reducing cost, and increasing revenues. In other words, our experience engulfs the proper utilization of all the tools of Lean and Six Sigma.

The power of Lean Sigma synergy will improve your people, processes, procedures, and systems that are sustainable over time.

Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma

What does it mean? How does it affect my business? 

Lean Enterprise

Lean focuses on the removal of waste, which is defined as anything not necessary to produce the product or service. 

Six Sigma

The assumption is the outcome of the entire process will be improved by reducing the variation of multiple elements.


Lean Sigma

The integration of Lean Sigma reduces variation in the process. Thus, producing reliability, sustainability, and repeatability.

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Meet the Team

Partners who are committed to your personal growth! 

Brad Wyrick


Butch Alaksa


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Frederick Buchman


It was a pleasure to work with Brad, from the analysis through to the consulting work we did for several clients. Brad has an excellent grasp of the strategic aspects of continuous improvement and how to help clients achieve their business performance goals. He also excels highly in working with clients to both understand what they need to do and helping them design and execute the necessary actions to get there, and to sustain the gains made.


John Adler


 In our efforts to broaden the scope of Lean Measures Implementation, Brad Wyrick proved to be THE source of practical, hands-on, and easy to teach and handle tools. Nowhere…else have we found the same quality in the field. [Three] years after he successfully and punctually finished his work we still profit from the series of workshops facilitated by him.

Rick Wells

Vice President


Brad is an enthusiastic and talented quality improvement expert using Lean and Six Sigma methods. He is a certified instructor in our critical thinking methods. His classroom techniques are engaging and demonstrate the power of the concepts he presents.

Carolyn Wells

Employee Development Specialist

 As President and Founder of Wyrick Enterprises, Brad has helped the Learning, Training and Development Organization at Boeing to identify opportunities for improvement in our processes. He is an excellent facilitator of six-sigma and lean training and very enjoyable to work with. Brad has provided me personally with tools and techniques to enhance my knowledge, skills, and abilities. I look forward to working with him again.